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Ep. 32: The passing & legacy of Carrie Fisher, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The passing of Carrie Fisher has stunned the Star Wars community, but her legacy will live on and we talk about that with the incredibly insightful Kofi Outlaw (formerly Editor-in-Chief […]

Ep. 27: Soylent sickness, Star Wars Rogue One, and Obama as sci-fi geek-in-chief

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 becomes a raging, international dumpster fire, Soylent goes from geek food to health disaster (9:10), ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ trailer reveals more secrets (15:32), and President […]

Ep. 18: Star Wars Rogue One, Snapchat racial filter, Minority Report for police

‘Stranger Things’ Netflix numbers top ‘House of Cards’, Snapchat’s “yellowface” filter controversy (2:01), Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ trailer (15:42), Machine learning offers ‘Minority Report’ style prediction to cops (26:26). SHOW […]