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Ep. 33: Tech super rich prep for apocalypse, Elon Musk’s fav A.I. singularity film

Hacker and film maker John Threat joins us again to dive into the apocalypse survival strategies of the tech super rich as outlined in the New Yorker magazine (1:00), and […]

Ep. 28: Tesla’s self-driving cars, DDoS hacker attack, Black Mirror on Netflix

Tesla kickstarts the self-driving car revolution early, the Internet’s top websites are blocked after a historic DDoS hacker attack (5:45), and the debut of the UK science fiction anthology ‘Black […]

Ep. 27: Soylent sickness, Star Wars Rogue One, and Obama as sci-fi geek-in-chief

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 becomes a raging, international dumpster fire, Soylent goes from geek food to health disaster (9:10), ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ trailer reveals more secrets (15:32), and President […]

Ep. 26: Black Mirror, VR via Playstation, Google, Facebook, HBO’s Westworld

We get our first look at the U.S. version of the hit UK sci-fi series Black Mirror, a VR Roundup: Playstation VR, Google Daydream View, Facebook’s Oculus Rift (4:51), HBO’s […]

Ep. 23: Samsung’s exploding smartphone, Tokyo’s VR Arcade, Train to Busan

This episode is all about tech in South Korea and Japan as Vic Song joins us direct from Asia! We talk Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions, the iPhone 7 and […]

Ep. 22: A deep dive into A.I. and the Singularity with Engadget’s Jessica Conditt

Engadget Senior Reporter Jessica Conditt joins us to talk about her insightful new story on artificial intelligence and the Singularity and why some of the best known futurists might have […]