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Ep. 29: Wikileaks + U.S. election, Edward Snowden update, Oliver Stone’s Snowden

How Wikileaks is impacting the U.S. presidential election and normalizing the end of data privacy, an update on Edward Snowden via Vice films (18:10), Oliver Stone’s Snowden movie merges fact […]

Ep. 28: Tesla’s self-driving cars, DDoS hacker attack, Black Mirror on Netflix

Tesla kickstarts the self-driving car revolution early, the Internet’s top websites are blocked after a historic DDoS hacker attack (5:45), and the debut of the UK science fiction anthology ‘Black […]

Ep. 16: Transhuman fear, astronaut mortality, Snowden movie + Wikileaks

Transhuman poll reveals fear of the future, NASA discovers space may be bad for your heart (12:32), Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ film and the Wikileaks DNC hacked email dump (19:42). SHOW […]

Ep. 14: Pokémon Go augmented reality, killer police robots, Mr. Robot

How Pokémon Go might take augmented reality mainstream, Dallas police are the first to use a robot to kill a human assailant (15:51), Mr. Robot season 2 and brining hacking […]