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Ep. 33: Tech super rich prep for apocalypse, Elon Musk’s fav A.I. singularity film

Hacker and film maker John Threat joins us again to dive into the apocalypse survival strategies of the tech super rich as outlined in the New Yorker magazine (1:00), and […]

Ep. 32: The passing & legacy of Carrie Fisher, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The passing of Carrie Fisher has stunned the Star Wars community, but her legacy will live on and we talk about that with the incredibly insightful Kofi Outlaw (formerly Editor-in-Chief […]

Ep. 30: Valerian, Life, Hollywood sci-fi, hacker/director John Threat on data privacy

Hacker and film director John Threat joins us to talk about the new trailers for ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ (1:48), and the life on Mars film […]

Ep. 24: Ghost in the Shell, Nike HyperAdapt sneakers, U.S. self-driving car rules

We ask if the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ trailers make up for the casting controversy, examine Nike’s ‘Back to the Future’ self-lacing sneakers going on sale soon (14:26), dive into […]

Ep. 22: A deep dive into A.I. and the Singularity with Engadget’s Jessica Conditt

Engadget Senior Reporter Jessica Conditt joins us to talk about her insightful new story on artificial intelligence and the Singularity and why some of the best known futurists might have […]

Ep. 20: Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. sexist science jokes, ‘80s tech drama Halt and Catch Fire

Astronomers discover Earth-like planet Proxima B, Neil deGrasse Tyson goes in on sexist science jokes on Twitter (5:29), protests over ‘Jason Bourne’ movie in 3D in China (13:06), the trailer […]