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Ep. 36: Is Apple’s iPhone X a flop? Mr. Robot as judged by a real, high level hacker

In this episode filmmaker and hacker John Threat joins us as we rewind a few weeks and look at the debut of the iPhone X and what it means for […]

Ep. 35: IMAX VR, Oculus, Ready Player One, StarVR and VR in Hollywood

Location-based virtual reality via IMAX VR, the future of Oculus Rift in the mainstream (5:28), the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s VR epic ‘Ready Player One’ (12:42), Apple’s big bet for […]

Ep. 34: Viacom’s VR team on the future of virtual reality & augmented reality

Viacom, the parent company of MTV, Paramount Pictures (Star Trek!), Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, has decided to get serious about virtual reality. In this episode, Viacom’s leadership team heading up […]